The History about one creative guy

Senior UX Designer with 10 years work experience in web and digital products design. During my career many times i designed branding guides, marketing materials and logotypes for local and global business.
Key skills
Developing conceptual diagrams, wire-frames, visual mock-ups and prototypes. Delivering concepts and prototypes to UI specifcations for engineering. Knowledge of HTML, CSS and W3C standards.
• Sketch • Principle • Figma • Framer • Flinto • Axure RP • Photoshop • Illustrator • Xd • InDesign • Muse • Corel

Material Design, Atomic design and IOS standards.

Łukasz Baprawski

July 1th 1985

Short history about my career

After getting my master’s degree in IT and Digital Design I decided to become a full-time web designer and 2004 started as Junior Designer in small Polish Startup Studio Kopiowania. After 2 years I migrated for another 3 years to small creative agency Dreamtex. 2009 I directed my carer to Ireland and as a freelance digital designer I worked for AOC Studio, Sunrise Innovations and Graphedia from Wexford. I built visual identity and websites for few local business, worked also with e-commerce and branding projects.

2013 opened new horizons for me and I joined to EMEA team in official Online Store of IT market leader Microsoft as first UX Designer in European team and I began working in cooperation with general US leadership team. Finally European UX team grove up to 8 UX Designers and in 2015 with implementation of new store visual template I become a team leader with coordination team role of special projects for the region. 

2017 bring another innovation in store template, UX improvement in bonus with transition to the new core system. Wasn’t that easiest and smoothest project in the world but thanks to my great team we meet all business, design and technology aspects and sorted all problems .

On the end of 2017 I started my Hakaton project of app for corp internal communication and administration which meet great approbation of leadership team and currently I’m Product Owner of the project and managing development of the app UX.

Me, myself and I
after hours

Apart from design and front-end, I love photography, painting and drawing illustrations. I love to be creative and realize my ideas, build something from nothing as it bring real great satisfaction. My free time I like to spend active going for a gym or swimming pool, boxing and shooting. Like evaryone else I like to watch a good movie and go for a party from time to time together with my friends.
Sometimes I drink a coffee, so we should definitely grab one together.